Niche Gardens - North Carolina (NC) Native Pants

Acanthus hungaricus


Full Sun
Partial Shade
Drought Tolerant
Cut Flowers
Dried Flowers
Attracts Butterflies

Acanthus hungaricus (Acanthaceae)
(a-KAN-thus hun-GARE-i-kus)
Bear's Breeches

The broad lobed leaves of Acanthus have long inspired important decorative features in Western art and architecture. Bold foliage is further enhanced in early summer when stiff flower spikes bearing hooded gray-purple flowers rise 2-3' above the leaves. In bloom, its intricate beauty will stop you in your tracks. Flower spikes are quite long-lasting. Plant in well-drained soil in full sun or in partial shade in the South. This 3-4' perennial is useful at the middle of the garden or as a central feature in island beds. Although it's slow to become established, the patient gardener will not be disappointed.

Bloom color: gray-purple
Bloom period: early-summer
Height: 3-4'
Spread: 3'
Zones: 5-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $10
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