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Arisaema heterophyllum


Partial Shade
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Arisaema heterophyllum (Araceae)
(a-ris-EE-ma het-er-o-FILL-um)
Dancing Crane

This tall and vigorous Asian jack-in-the-pulpit resembles a dancing crane in bloom. Mature plants can reach 3' in height. Emerging halfway up the stem, the single leaf has at least 15 leaflets. In the spring, a green spathe tops the stalk and surrounds a long 6-8" whip-like spadix that points up out of the bloom. Moist soil in bright shade is an ideal planting situation. Stunning plants go dormant in late summer; not native. Limited quantity.

Bloom color: green and yellow
Bloom period: spring
Height: 3'
Spread: 1'
Zones: 5-9

Container size: 3" pot
Price: $22
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