Niche Gardens - North Carolina (NC) Native Pants

Asclepias tuberosa


Full Sun
Drought Tolerant
Cut Flowers
Attracts Butterflies

Asclepias tuberosa (Apocynaceae)
(as-KLEP-ee-as tew-ber-O-sa)
Butterfly Weed

1985 NC Wildflower of the Year This is the favored food of Monarch butterflies and their larvae. Vivid orange flowers atop 2-3' plants complement Stokes' Asters and Coneflowers in early summer. Mature seedpods are especially nice in dried arrangements. Like many tap-rooted and long-lived meadow species, Butterfly Weed takes a few seasons to reach full size. It is one of the later plants to emerge in spring, so leave the old stalks in place to mark its location. Loves full sun; our seed strain is adapted to clay soil.

Bloom color: orange
Bloom period: early-summer
Height: 2-3'
Spread: 2-3'
Zones: 3-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $10