Niche Gardens - North Carolina (NC) Native Pants

Ampelaster carolinianus


Full Sun
Drought Tolerant
Cut Flowers
Attracts Birds
Attracts Butterflies

Ampelaster carolinianus (Asteraceae)
(AMP-el-as-ter car-o-lin-ee-AY-nus)
Climbing Aster

A vining Aster? And a native to boot? If you provide a trellis or post, this amazing Aster will scramble to the top. Narrow leaves are slightly gray; loads of tight, purplish-pink buds pop open to reveal spidery rose-pink flowers that mature to lilac. Our plant twines up a cedar skeleton, and blooms from mid-October through November. Let it ramble, or cut back by 1/3 every spring for multi-stemmed billows of fall color. Tough as nails in dry, average or moist soils; provide a slightly sheltered location in zone 6.

Bloom color: rose-pink
Bloom period: late-fall
Height: 10-20'+
Spread: Vine
Zones: 7-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $11