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Callicarpa americana


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Callicarpa americana (Lamiaceae)
(ka-lee-KAR-pa a-mer-eh-CANE-ah)
American Beautyberry

Bead-like berries wrap the stems, punctuating Beautyberry with poms of vivid purple that stand out in the fall garden. Bright green leaves have a citronella-like scent. Grows 6-8', with an open, informal appearance. Makes a colorful backdrop for perennials, or can stand alone as a specimen shrub. Plant in full-to-part sun in moist soil. Cardinals, mockingbirds and robins especially adore the ripe fruit.

Bloom color: purple berries
Bloom period: early-fall
Height: 6-8'
Spread: 5-7'
Zones: 7-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $18
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