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Iris virginica


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Iris virginica 'Contraband Girl' (Iridaceae)
(EYE-ris vir-GIN-i-ka)
Southern Blue Flag Iris

One huge Iris! Sturdy 5' leaves have a purple cast at their base, and are topped in May by lavender flowers with purple freckles. Neat seed pods stand out in dried arrangements. An extra-vigorous and showy selection of Southern Blue Flag; quickly becomes a magnificent clump of year-round foliage in zone 7 and south. A nice focal point for gardens with soggy to average soils.

Bloom color: purple
Bloom period: late-spring
Height: 3-5'
Spread: 4-5'
Zones: 4-9

Container size: Gal.
Price: $14
Temporarily unavailable