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Liatris ligulistylis


Full Sun
Drought Tolerant
Cut Flowers
Dried Flowers
Attracts Birds
Attracts Butterflies

Liatris ligulistylis (Asteraceae)
(lie-A-tris lig-you-lis-STY-lis)
Blazing Star

The furry purple flowers on this Liatris are a knock-out! Blooms form distinctive rounded clusters, and are borne in large numbers along each flowering stem. Swelling flower buds are deep magenta, and foliage is broader and more strappy than many of its relatives. Broad basal tufts expand and produce many flowering shoots as plants mature. Indigenous to the western plains states and up into Canada, inhabiting damp-to-well-drained soils in full sun. A favorite late-summer nectar source for Monarchs and other butterflies.

Bloom color: purple
Bloom period: mid-summer
Height: 3-4'
Spread: 1-3'
Zones: 3-8

Container size: Qt.
Price: $12
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