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Liatris microcephala


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Liatris microcephala (Asteraceae)
(lie-A-tris mi-kro-SEF-a-la)
Dwarf Gayfeather

This species is especially desirable because of its small stature. Compact grassy tufts bear several rosy-purple spikes of 1-2' from late summer into fall. Its diminutive size enables it to be at home among boulders in sunny rock gardens or as a spiky edger in sunny borders. This species, rarely in cultivation, naturally occurs in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Based on its natural range, we suggest a hardiness of zone 5-8.

Bloom color: rose-purple
Bloom period: early-fall - frost
Height: 1-2'
Spread: 1'
Zones: 5-8

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