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Lonicera x heckrottii


Full Sun
Partial Shade
Attracts Birds
Attracts Butterflies

Lonicera x heckrottii (Caprifoliaceae)
(luh-NIS-er-a heck-ROT-ee-eye)
Goldflame Honeysuckle

Lovely tubular flowers of yellow, pink and carmine bloom in flushes from spring until frost. Goldflame is a well-behaved native vine, unlike the rampant Japanese honeysuckle, and can be trained to climb a fence, trellis or arbor. Will not cling directly to masonry or wood, so provide a support for it to climb on. This 6-12' vine varies in height according to the size of the support you provide. All who see it at the nursery are impressed with the beautiful flower color and the fragrance. Heaviest blooming occurs in full sun in well-drained locations. Wonderful as a backdrop in the perennial garden, or loosely spilling over a wall.

Bloom color: yellow, pink, carmine
Bloom period: mid-spring and fall
Height: 6-12'+
Spread: Vine
Zones: 4-8

Container size: Qt.
Price: $14