Niche Gardens - North Carolina (NC) Native Pants

Mazus reptans


Partial Shade

Mazus reptans (Scrophulariaceae)
(MA-zus REP-tans)
Blue-Flowered Mazus

This low groundcover carpets partially shaded areas with a dense, lush 1-2" mat of tiny medium-green leaves. Diminutive soft blue flowers top the foliage in mid-spring and last for 6 weeks or more. Each 3-lobed blossom has a small blotch of yellow in the center. An excellent choice for tying pavers together or tucked beneath shrubs and trees. A mass planting of Blue Mazus forms a soft bed and can be used as a lawn substitute for a small area.

Bloom color: blue
Bloom period: mid-spring
Height: 1-2"
Spread: 2-3'
Zones: 5-8

Container size: Qt.
Price: $8
Temporarily unavailable