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Sarracenia x 'Dixie Lace' (Sarraceniaceae)
Pitcher Plant Hybrid

Bred by NC's Rob Gardner and Larry Mellichamp, 'Dixie Lace' is a complex hybrid with several parents, including S. leucophylla and S. purpurea. Compact plants of 8-10" have maroon-red pitchers etched in a mosaic of intricate, dark-red veins on a mottled background of creamy yellow. A distinctive wavy-margined hood hangs gracefully above the mouth of the pitcher. These striking pitchers are produced continuously during the summer and are especially showy August-October. 'Dixie Lace' is vigorous and holds up well in the winter as long as you tuck it back into the earth if frost-heaved. In spring, rich burgundy flowers at 1' are attractive and interesting.

Bloom color: maroon
Bloom period: mid-spring
Height: 8-10"
Spread: 1'
Zones: 6-9

Container size: 3" pot
Price: $20
Temporarily unavailable