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Sedum x


Full Sun
Drought Tolerant
Cut Flowers
Attracts Butterflies

Sedum x 'Matrona' (Crassulaceae)
Tall Sedum

'Matrona' has many handsome features, including bronzy-green foliage, strong, shiny, reddish-purple upright stems, and large, pale-pink flower heads in late summer. This German introduction thrives in sunny gardens in average-to-dry soils and tops out 4-6" taller than Sedum 'Autumn Joy'. 'Matrona's' stout and sturdy form is supposed to remind us of an old grandmother in a pink bandana! Thanks to Rick Darke for encouraging us to offer this Sedum introduction.

Bloom color: pink
Bloom period: late-summer
Height: 2-3'
Spread: 2-3'
Zones: 3-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $10
Temporarily unavailable