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Selaginella moellendorfii


Partial Shade
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Selaginella moellendorfii (Selaginellaceae)
(sell-lah-gi-NEL-ah mow-lin-DORF-ee-eye)
Gemniferous Spikemoss

This fern relative adds magic to shady, moist areas with low-growing, delicate fern-like fronds of light green. Layers of serrated leaves overlap horizontally; the entire plant captures light in an unusual way. We can't describe it; you must grow it to know it. You can find a perfect niche for this gem tucked into a shady, moist woodland garden. If you've got the spot, you'll love this plant!

Bloom color: none
Bloom period: none / insignificant
Height: 6-8"
Spread: 1-2'
Zones: 7-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $12
Temporarily unavailable