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Thelypteris kunthii


Full Sun
Partial Shade

Thelypteris kunthii (Thelypteridacea)
(the-LIP-ter-is COONTH-ee-eye)
Southern Shield Fern

Tall and graceful, a border of arching Southern Shield Fern greets visitors to the Totten Center at the NC Botanical Garden. This deciduous native fern grows 1-3' in height, with 1' wide, bright-to-medium green fronds that turn bronze in fall. A winter-protective mulch is recommended for areas where the ground freezes for weeks. With adequate moisture, this exceptional fern will tolerate a bit more sun than most. Spreads to form a carpet of green fronds in suitable woodland areas.

Bloom color: none
Bloom period: none / insignificant
Height: 1-3'
Spread: 3-4'
Zones: 6-9

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