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Tricyrtis x 'Sinonome' (Liliaceae)
(tri-SEAR-tis shin-o-NO-may)
Japanese Toad Lily

An exquisite Toad Lily, long grown in Japan as a cut flower. Upright vase-shaped clumps of stems are clothed in shiny clean leaves. In early fall, chocolate-colored buds open to reveal upward-facing white blooms with maroon-purple freckles. Moist-to-average soil in partial shade is perfect; this selection is one of the most drought-tolerant and heat-tolerant Toad Lilies. An lovely addition to the fall shade garden.

Bloom color: white
Bloom period: mid-fall
Height: 2-3'
Spread: 2'
Zones: 5-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $12
Temporarily unavailable