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Wisteria frutescens


Full Sun
Partial Shade

Wisteria frutescens 'Nivea' (Fabaceae)
(wis-TEE-ria fru-TES-sens)
American Wisteria

'Nivea' is a white blooming form of the native Wisteria frutescens, a well-behaved vine which unlike its invasive Asian cousin, will not destroy your garden. Thin whip-like stems coil up any available support and harden into a woody trunk which will help support growth in future years. Fine, pinnate leaves of a soft gray-green emerge in spring followed by tight clusters of white flowers which rebloom into midsummer. Blooms on new wood, so may be thinned or shaped at almost any time. Train this vine up an arbor or trellis and enjoy its evocative abundance. Native.

Bloom color: white
Bloom period: early-summer
Height: 15-20'+
Spread: Vine
Zones: 5-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $16
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