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Echinacea x


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Echinacea x 'Sundown' (Asteraceae)
Sundown Coneflower

Selected from crosses of E. purpurea and E. paradoxa, the Big Sky Coneflowers provide a whole new range of exciting Echinacea colors. Notable for their sturdy growth and branching habit, these hybrids are also extremely vigorous. Petals are overlapped and slightly flexed for a full looking bloom. Mass together for swaths of Coneflower color, or mix with other Echinaceas for a rainbow of hues. 'Sundown' has vivid reddish-orange petals surrounding a brown central cone on particularly tall and vigorous 3' plants.

Bloom color: red-orange
Bloom period: early-summer
Height: 3'
Spread: 1.5-2'
Zones: 4-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $14
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