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Thalia dealbata


Full Sun

Thalia dealbata (Marantaceae)
(THAL-ee-uh day-al-BAH-tuh)
Powdery Alligator Flag

A true aquatic plant, Alligator Flag is native across the Southern states where it is found in wetlands, swamps and bayous. It looks like a Canna, with large upright paddle-shaped leaves which grow from submerged rhizomes. Tall slender stems grow up to 8' and are topped with clusters of silvery-purple flowers in late summer. Entire plant is dusted with a fine white waxy powder. Thalia is a beautiful specimen plant for large submerged containers, massing along pondís edge, or in any sizeable water feature. In colder zones, rhizomes submerged in water can survive beneath winter ice. Spreads quickly under ideal conditions, so divide and pass along.

Bloom color: lavender-purple
Bloom period: mid-summer
Height: 6-8'
Spread: 3-5'
Zones: 6-9

Container size: Gal.
Price: $18
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