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Iris x 'Prof Neill' (Iridaceae)
Louisiana Iris

Deep in the swamps of Louisiana, and along the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida, five native species of beardless Iris have naturally hybridized to create the Louisiana Iris. Largely overlooked until recently, these Irises have proved extremely hardy and adaptable, surviving as far north as zone 4 with proper protection. They donít need to be in a bog or swamp, but do need moist soil in full to almost full sun for best flowering. Foliage can be attractive in more shady locations, but blooms diminish as shade increases. Graceful strappy leaves persist through winter in the Deep South and quickly resprout after a freeze. Snip seed pods, as seedlings will not be true; for more bloom, lift and divide every few years. Plant along the edge of a pond, in a low wet spot, or in a sunny bed. 'Professor Neil' was hybridized by Joseph Mertzweiller in 1992 and was the 1999 Mary Swords Debaillon Medal Winner. As a tetraploid hybrid (double chromosomes) it has larger, sturdier foliage and large, brightly colored blooms. Blooms are burgundy red with a bold yellow signal.

Bloom color: burgundy and yellow
Bloom period: late-spring
Height: 2-3'
Spread: 2-3'
Zones: 5-10

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