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Epimedium x youngianum


Partial Shade
Full Shade
Drought Tolerant

Epimedium x youngianum 'Roseum' (Berberidaceae)
(eh-pa-MEED-ee-um yung-ee-A-num)
Young's Barrenwort, Fairy Wings

This Epimedium is deciduous and clump-forming rather than spreading. Bright green, serrated leaves with red markings emerge in early spring, followed by tiny pale-rose flowers held aloft on thin airy stems. In fall, the foliage turns crimson red. Like other Epimediums, this is a superb plant for dry shade. Cut back old leaves and stems in late winter to make way for new spring growth.

Bloom color: pale-rose
Bloom period: mid-spring
Height: 6-8"
Spread: 1-2'
Zones: 5-8

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