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Sarracenia x


Full Sun

Sarracenia x 'readii x moorii' (Sarraceniaceae)
(sar-a-SEN-ee-ah REED-ee-eye MORE-ee-eye)

A beautiful pitcher plant hybrid from Sarracenia wiz Paul Faulisi. S. readii is a cross between S. leucophylla and S. rubra jonesii, and S. mooreii is S. flava crosed with S. leucophylla. The combination of these parents results in a plant with tall red-veined pitchers showing the elegant shaping from its S. flava heritage. Very vigorous.

Bloom color:
Bloom period: mid-spring
Height: 2-3'
Spread: 2'
Zones: 6-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $20
Temporarily unavailable