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Epimedium x warleyense


Partial Shade
Full Shade
Drought Tolerant

Epimedium x warleyense (Berberidaceae)
(eh-pa-MEED-ee-um war-lay-ENS)
Barrenwort, Fairy Wings

Named after Warley Place, the estate of the famed Miss Wilmott, Epimedium x warleyense has unusual coppery orange flowers. In spring, bloom stems appear first, bearing small "fairy wings". Leaves emerge light green with reddish edges, and mature to a dark green, on wiry black stems. Foliage is evergreen in most zones, but can hide the new spring flowers: it is best to remove old leaf stalks before new bloom stems start to grow. A tough drought-resistant groundcover for shade that deer will not browse.

Bloom color: orange
Bloom period: early-spring
Height: 8-12"
Spread: 2-3'
Zones: 5-8

Container size: Qt.
Price: $16
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