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Hamamelis virginiana


Full Sun
Partial Shade
Cut Flowers

Hamamelis virginiana (Hama)
(ham-ah-MAY-lis vir-jin-ee-AY-nah)
Common Witch Hazel

Native understory shrub with a distinct multistemmed form, Witch Hazels are noted for their interesting winter flowers. While many Witch Hazel hybrids bloom in late winter, this straight species blooms in fall October into November. Unusual flowers have golden yellow petals that look like little bits of lemon peel, curling and uncurling as temperatures change. Leaves are bright yellow in fall and are famous for their astringent qualities. Open, spreading form will be more dense with greater sunlight. Great in a woodland garden or as an exciting specimen plant. Prefers moist, slightly acid soils.

Bloom color: golden yellow
Bloom period: late-winter
Height: 10-15'
Spread: 10-15'
Zones: 3-8

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