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Magnolia ashei


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Magnolia ashei (Magnoliaceae)
(mag-NOL-ee-ah ASH-ee-eye)
Ashe's Magnolia

A deciduous native Magnolia similar to M. macrophylla, but shorter. Instead of a tall canopy dweller, at 15-20' Magnolia ashei shares the understory with redbuds and dogwoods. Enormous wavy leaves, with fragrant, dinner-plate sized blooms right at smell-level on bushy, multi-stemmed plants. Mostly limited to northern FL in the wild, but has proved hardy in gardens as far north as zone 6. Its form is upright, loose, and pleasantly irregular. Large velvety buds add to its sculptural presence in the winter landscape. A rare offering that makes a terrific specimen tree for smaller gardens.

Bloom color: white
Bloom period: late-spring
Height: 15-20
Spread: 10-15
Zones: 6-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $22
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