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fall in the garden


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Perennials, trees and shrubs love to be planted in the fall! The benefits of fall planting are numerous. Your plants are able to settle in more easily with cooling fall temperatures. The soil is still warm and they are not being required to produce flowers and new leaves, so they concentrate their energy on root growth. They will go dormant in winter and in spring will grow more vigorously, rewarding you with lush foliage and blooms. Even our many drought tolerant plants need a season to become established, giving them a big jump in the upcoming spring. We recommend planting in October here in the South (all of zone 7 and warmer) and in September in the North and Northeast. Enjoy digging--water and mulch those plants when they go in, and get ready for a great show next year.

We especially recommend the following exciting selection of native trees and shrubs for fall planting:

Spring Planting for Fall Color

Some of the plants we offer for fabulous late-season color and form grow VERY tall or quite wide by the fall shipping season. Niche Gardens is famous for shipping really big plants, but you'll get a greater show if you can tuck some of these in as young plants.

We especially recommend the following for spring planting: