Niche Gardens - North Carolina (NC) Native Pants

Halesia tetraptera


Full Sun
Partial Shade

Halesia tetraptera (Styracaceae)
(hay-LEE-zee-a te-TRAP-te-ra)
Carolina Silverbell

Carolina Silverbell is loved for its 1" pure white, bell-shaped flowers that hang in profusion on bare branches in early spring. This shrubby tree of 20-30' tends to be multistemmed and is perfect along the edges of woodland areas, woodland creeks and streams or adorning a patio in partial shade. The leaves turn a warm yellow before drifting to the ground in the fall. Winter reveals distinctive gray and cream striped bark that becomes more obvious with age.

Bloom color: white
Bloom period: early-spring
Height: 20-30'
Spread: 15'
Zones: 5-9

Container size: Qt.
Price: $20
Temporarily unavailable