Niche Gardens - North Carolina (NC) Native Pants

who we are


Niche Gardens is a mail-order and retail nursery. We specialize in nursery-propagated wildflowers and natives, perennials, ornamental grasses and some unusual trees and shrubs. Our display gardens include sun and shade areas, wet and dry beds, a bog, a traditional medicine wheel bed, and a native meadow area among others, which are designed for your pleasure, learning and fun! The gardens are aesthetically pleasing, while also providing a habitat for birds, butterfly and other wildlife. We take pride in the fact that the plants in our gardens and nursery are pesticide free. We hope that you will find our plants and services to be the finest available.

The Nichettes

Every year brings changes to the garden and nursery but one thing that has not changed is the dedication and hard work of the staff. Without their experience and commitment it would not be possible to bring these plants to you. Every step of the process, from collecting seeds and cuttings, to potting, watering, weeding, and shipping is done by hand here at the nursery by a very small staff. When you see your dormant pot of dirt burst into bloom and grow faster than you would have imagined possible, you have these individuals to thank.

We are: (Seated in front, L-R) Matthew, Blair
(Standing, L-R) Meg, Cherrie, Rachael, Lauri
(Standing in Back) Alexander, Bob, Gray, Meryl